Descendants of Daniel Trigg

Fourth Generation

16. William Trigg (Daniell , Abraham , Daniel ) was born on 20 Feb 1749. He died on 10 Jul 1782 in , , KY.

sold farm to brother Thomas in 1808, removed to KY named in brother John's will in 1776 as father's administrator

William married Ann Wooten, daughter of Thomas Wooten and Ann. Ann died after 1784.

mentioned in father's will
also sp "Wooden"

William and Ann had the following children:

  28 F i Mary Trigg.

18. James Trigg (Daniell , Abraham , Daniel ) was born after 1748. He died in 1786.

minor in 1769; "of King & Queen Co" later

James married Elizabeth Montague.

They had the following children:

  29 M i Willis Trigg.

19. Mildred Trigg (Daniell , Abraham , Daniel ) was born before 1769 in , Middlesex Co, Virginia. She died about 1804 in Ta River, Spotsylvania Co, VA.

entitled to 1/7 part of her father's estate per the settlement in Orphan's Accounts, p. 125, anad Court Order Book 1768-1774, per order of court 4 Sept 1769, Spotsylvania Co, Va. These records are not included in Crozier's digest of Spotsylvania Co. Va. Records 1720-1800.

Mildred married William Duerson, son of Capt. Thomas Duerson and Hannah Brock, before 1769 in , Middlesex Co, Virginia. William was born about 1745 in , Spotsylvania Co, VA. He died in 1815 in Ta River, Spotsylvania Co, VA.

bought of Job Harris and Susanna his wife, both of St George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co, for 25,
227 acres on Douglass Run: 15 Nov. 1770
-this was the first home of William Duerson shortly after marriage.
sold same land to Benjamin Haley of Spotsylvania Co. for 75

bought of Thomas Colson and Frances, his wife, of Spotsylvania Co, for 100, 148 acres in said county: 15 Nov 1775
This 148 acres is the same which William Duerson mentions in his will as that upon which he lives (1812) and which was devised to his second wife for life with reversion to their son, Robert Chritchfield Duerson.

First complete listing of Spotsylvania County land in Tax Book of 1786, Wm. Duerson is listed with 148 acres.

-Listed (Public Service Claims, Archives Division, VA State Library) as one of thos who contributed suplies to the Continental Army.
(also contributed: William Trigg: claim validated at Spotsylvania County Court, April 22, 1782;
Mary Trigg's ("of Spotsylvania Co.) claim was paid on Nov. 25, 1783.

William and Mildred had the following children:

  30 F i Mary Duerson.

Only last two letters of her name are clear.
        Mary married Coleman.
  31 F ii Sarah Duerson.
        Sarah married John Crutchfield. John died in 1819.
  32 M iii Thomas Duerson was born in 1770 in , Spotsylvania Co, VA. He died in 1826 in , Oldham Co, KY.
        Thomas married Mary Trigg.

she was cousin
  33 F iv Elizabeth Duerson died in , Woodford CO, KY.
        Elizabeth married Henry Goodloe. Henry was born in 1752. He died in 1834.
  34 M v William Duerson was born in 1774 in , Spotsylvania Co, VA. He died in 1850.
        William married Lucy Wilson. Lucy was born in 1782. She died in 1846.
  35 F vi Lucy Duerson.
        Lucy married (1) John Duerson.
        Lucy also married (2) Abraham Burton.
  36 F vii Susanna Duerson.
        Susanna married Thomas C. Bullard.
  37 F viii Frances Duerson.
        Frances married Capt Lewis Willis Daingerfield on 10 Nov 1803. Lewis was born in 1781.

20. William Trigg (William , Abraham , Daniel ) was born in 1742 in , Bedford Co, VA. He died on 5 Sep 1817 in , Sumner Co, TN.

to Sumner Co, TN, 1800
Lieut Col, Revolutionary War

William married Sarah Saunders, daughter of Col. James Saunders and Cassandra, on 6 May 1763 in , Bedford Co, VA. Sarah was born in , Caswell Co, NC. She died after 1817.

lived on Dan River, Caswell Co, NC; Bedford Co, VA; Sumner Co, TN member Old Peaks Presby, Bedford Co, VA

William and Sarah had the following children:

+ 38 M i Haiden Trigg Sr was born on 7 Feb 1765 and died on 7 Aug 1845.
+ 39 M ii Alanson Trigg was born on 17 Apr 1769 and died on 11 Dec 1829.
  40 M iii William Trigg was born on 6 May 1773 in , Bedford Co, VA. He died on 12 Jan 1840 in , GIles Co, TN.

Mt Pleasant Cem
        William married Nancy Lay.
  41 M iv Daniel Trigg was born in Mar 1776 in , Bedford Co, VA. He died on 28 Apr 1838 in , Wilson Co, TN.

Trigg Cem; Presby elder; farmer
son, Wm Hodge Trigg, to Booneville, MO
        Daniel married (1) Nancy Hodge. Nancy was born in 1785. She died in 1823.
        Daniel also married (2) Mary Agers.
  42 M v Abram Trigg was born on 17 Oct 1779 in , Bedford Co, VA. He died on 11 Jun 1841 in Marion, Perry Co, Al.

buried at home, 6 m from Marion
        Abram married Martha Saunders.
  43 F vi Elizabeth Trigg was born in 1767 in , Bedford Co, VA.

        Elizabeth married Robert Davis on 27 Jan 1783 in , Bedford Co, VA.
  44 F vii Polly Trigg was born on 8 Oct 1770 in , Bedford Co, VA.

        Polly married Roger Quarles on 24 Sep 1792 in , Bedford Co, VA.
  45 F viii Sooky Trigg.

        Sooky married Edward Saunders.
  46 F ix Sarah Trigg was born on 28 Aug 1777 in , Bedford Co, VA.
        Sarah married (1) Bedford Brown.
        Sarah also married (2) Moseley.
  47 F x Dosia Trigg.
        Dosia married Samuel K. Blythe.
  48 F xi Nancy Trigg was born on 1 Mar 1783 in , Bedford Co, VA.
        Nancy married Samuel Hodges.
  49 M xii James Trigg was born on 7 Apr 1774 in , Bedford Co, VA. He died before 1817.
  50 F xiii Locky Trigg.

died young? Husband married her sister Edward Saunders
        Locky married Edward Saunders.

22. Abraham Trigg (William , Abraham , Daniel ) was born about 1744. He died about 1813 in , Montgomery Co, VA.

congressman 1797-1809
thesis by Ellis says he served as sheriff of Montgomery Co in 1810 and was appt commissioner for survey of lands in Ohio in 1812, completed 1813 [age: late 60s]
lived at "Buchanan's Bottom", Montgomery Co, s of Radford on New River; family tradition: raised ten children
1775: sec of Committee of Safety, Fincastle Co
employee of The Loyal Land Company, 1773-
Lt under Capt James McCorkle, 1778, Montgomery Co; Capt, Maj: Revolutionary War; at Shallow Ford on the
Yadkin, NC; 1782: Commissioner of Grain Tax and collector of State Militia Tax 1785: clerk of county; 1790: tax commissioner and escheator

to Virginia COnvention 1788, ratified US Consititution elected to Fifth to Tenth Congresses; made no speeches; Republican, Quid; supporter of obstructionist Randolph of Roanoke

Abraham married Susannah Ingles, daughter of William Ingles Col and Mary Draper.

They had the following children:

  51 F i Rhoda Trigg.
  52 F ii Juliet Trigg.
        Juliet married A. P. Eskridge.

Montgomery Co, VA; 4 children; in 1923, heir Trigg Eskridge had portrait of Abram Trigg, congressman "handsome, with lace ruffles and powdered wig"

24. John Johns Trigg (William , Abraham , Daniel ) was born in 1748 in New London, Bedford Co, VA. He died on 28 Jun 1804 in Bedford, , VA.

VA House of Delegates 1784-1792; congressman 1800-1804; no record of speach staunch Republican; faithful attendance, no leader died intestate; owned 365 ac at death; sold by widow to David Saunders in 1807

John married Dianna Ayers on 17 Dec 1770 in , Bedford Co, VA. Dianna died after 1807.

They had the following children:

  53 M i John Johns Trigg Jr.
  54 M ii Stephen Trigg.
  55 F iii Doria Trigg.

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